A cozy place where you can find everything you need to grow your small business with serenity & fun!


What can I do for you?

If you feel overwhelmed, I have lots of resources to help you organize your time, use Notion to boost your business & have fun with your art!

A large selection of digital goodies to decorate your planner or your home and bring color and joy into your business life!

Treat yourself or loved ones with cute portraits (families, couples, pets, etc.) banners & logos for your shop/business, or custom characters! 

Growing a small business doesn’t have to be lonely. I created this lovely community to help you & exchange with other artists from all over the world! 

WHO AM I? (●'◡'●)

I’m Laëtitia, a french illustrator & 2D background artist currently living in Tokyo! I’m passionate about organization, cute and colorful things, dogs, food (especially quiche & onigiris), and I bring all of this into my art! I want to help you in your journey to develop a peaceful and super organized business; I have lots to teach you, friend!


Click on the button below to transport yourself to a special page filled with everything I can offer you to develop and organize your small business like a pro! As mentionned before, I have both free and paid resources, and my goal is to make the learning process fun and pleasant, but still challenging enough so you can get real changes!ヾ(•ω•`)o

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