Me, in a few words ►

I’m an illustrator living in Paris, but in 2018, I found a new home on the other side of the world : Japan. I traveled there twice, two months in total, and I’m planning to live there for a year in 2020-2021. It has deeply affected my work and the way I approach life. I’m a very optimistic and joyful person, and I love to draw cute and colorful things. My business in three words ? Colorful, joyful and childish. I gratuated in 2017 from an art school where I had an animation degree, and then I did a one month internship in that field. After that, I’ve been working in a few cartoon movies studios on pre-school series like Molang, Didou and Stinky dog. Can you see how I love animals? 

Illustration & travel ►

Then, I decided to pursue illustration because I really missed working on personal project, and I wanted to expand my universe, try new things, take some risks!

I traveled a lot since my graduation but there’s one country that changed everything: Japan. I found there a home away from home,  and a place of endless inspiration. I’m leaving the city of light in June 2020 to pursue my dreams in Tokyo, and find more and more inspiration for my illustrations! 

My dream projects, my favorite themes ►

I’m interested mostly in doing packaging design, flyer and poster designs for fun, cultural and travel events, personal commissions such as portraits, content creation for magazines, but I’m also interested in publishing a book.

My favorite themes to work with? There are quite a lot, but I have to say everything Japan-related, and especially illustrations I create based on my own experience of the country, like Onsen scenes (those wonderful hot springs you can find anywhere in Japan), nature, lanscapes and all those funny packagings. And food, of course. 

I often use my own photographs as references – I have ALWAYS a camera with me, whenever I go, not only when I travel. I also love to draw cute, fun and colorful characters, and I am more and more into animal illustrations. I am also fond of portrait design and products design. 

My style and my favorite mediums ►

As you can see, my style is really colorful. I’m really into vivid colors, and it’s really important for me to keep a consistent visual identity. 

I mostly use digital tools such as my Ipad pro, procreate or Photoshop with a wacom cintiq, but I’m also really into traditional drawing. I’m often doodling in a sketchbook with color pencils, gouache, Posca markers or any cool pencil I can find! I really love working with textures and fun brushes. I’m always trying to get outside of my comfort zone, even if it’s not always easy!

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