✿ Free resources ✿

5 days to organize your business

So that you can have more time for the fun stuff!

Everything on a dedicated Notion space ❤ no need to know how to use it, it’s all explained inside!

This free program is a collection of short videos & exercices that will help you organize your business in a very simple way. Start fresh, get some motivation, and see results in a very short time! It’s a great starting point, & it’s FREEEEE! (Plus, you get cute digital goodies!)

The holiday season ultimate planning

Great to plan for Halloween AND Christmas!

Just like the one below, this is a program that will allow you to take fast actions so you can become super efficient when planning for your seasonal shop updates! You’ll learn practices that will be helpful every year and give you so much more time ❤ you’ll get a podcast episode to listen everyday for a week with action steps and lots of useful resources!

Free Notion homepage template

A complete homepage ready to use with evrything you might need to plan your life: a calendar, a place for your finances, books, games, tasks, and even a dedicated spooky season spot to enjoy it to the fullest! ❤

A supportive community

Growing a small business doesn’t have to be lonely. You can join this lovely Discord community for free to exchange with other artists from all over the world, make friends and ask for help whenever you want & need! It’s a great place to find people to collaborate with, stay updated on anything new I release, a place outside of social media, simply a supportive community ❤❤


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