✱ But if you let it, it can be SO stressful & overwhelming…

✱ You might even think that you need to work on it 24/7, or else it won’t grow or be profitable enough.

✱ you actually feel like you spend more time ordering products, cutting stickers, doing inventory (bleh) and product pages rather than actually designing new products… 

✱ Everytime you do a shop update, you end up forgetting stuff (especially if you have the memory of a potatoe like me) or sacrificing your well-being to get things done in time.

Well, I have good news! It doesn't have to be this way, yaaay!

✱ Potatoe

✱ A constant anxiety about your endless to-do’s

✱ Losing time over details 

✱ Being afraid of selling

 ✱ Always focusing on numbers (followers, money, bleh)

✱ Fabulous french fries

A feeling of peace & strong confidence in your shop & products

Having more time (& mental space!) to draw & create

Talking about your products with transparence, passion & confidence

Having a strong & loyal community + returning customers!

✱ I spent more than 5 years building systems and workflows for myself, whether it’s for my business or my life. 

✱ I experimented, optimized, I made mistakes and learned from them. And thanks to that, I am now working 3-6 hours everyday, and I’m much more productive (and less anxious) than before!

You're the chef, the one creating your own recipes, choosing your own ingredients!

I’m Laëtitia, also known as Yëtitia, and I’m an illustrator & 2D background artist. I worked for multiple TV shows for Netflix, Disney or France télévision, but I’ve always been attracted to the world of illustration. 

And I fell in love with sharing my knowledge about creativity, organization & growing a business while prioritizing your happiness & well-being! 

After running a shop for a while, I started focusing on creating value-packed content, and I came up with this bundle because I thought I could share my experience and some useful strategies with you on that specific topic. 

I’m completely convinced that it’s possible to build and grow a thriving creative business WITHOUT any damn sacrifices. What’s the point of exhausting yourself and creating more anxiety? 

I am also obsessed with dogs, bananas, and I’m a grandma at heart who loves to wake up at dawn

Let's create an exciting and peaceful business & life together!

How long will I get access to the content?

✱ FOREVEEEER. That’s right, friend! No pressure, you can go through it at your own pace, take your time, and you’ll get everything I add in the future with no additional cost. I know, it’s quite cool

What if I don't have an online shop yet?

Not a problem, honestly! It’s actually gonna be great because you’ll have everything you need to start, and you’ll feel less overwhelmed. I don’t talk about how to use keywords on Etsy or what to put on your product page, but you’ll get some very strong foundations → product photography, limiting beliefs that you really paralyze you, running your shop with confidence, etc.

I already have a shop and making sales, will it be useful?

Yes, definitely! Sometimes, it’s a great thing to go back to the basics and it’s gonna allow you to really do a full review of your shop but also get you some very neat advices on how to improve your organization and do your shop updates with peace.

What if I have another question?

You can either e-mail me at … or just DM me on Instagram! I’ll be happy to answer anything you have on your mind about this product!

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